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Over the past few weeks, my reading list has been growing and growing. There are so many amazing books launching this fall (or that launched over the last few months and I’m finally getting the chance to read) and I wanted to create a quick reading list incase you are on the hunt for your next read.

Not a reader? Not a problem. I’m a huge Audiobook nerd too. You can subscribe to Audible every month so that you get credits that to keep your digital audio library growing. It essentially turns books into podcasts that you can enjoy while driving, editing, feeding the baby late at night, or crushing your inbox.

Autumn Reading List 2019 for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Small Business Owners by Natalie Franke

For many of these books, I have read the advanced copy of (thank you authors + publishers for sending them my way!), some are self published by friends, and others seem incredibly promising based on other early reviews or the author’s platform. I did my best to include a wide range of options so whether you’re a nerd like me, looking for something different, or need to boost your business skills—I’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for a more traditional list of business books, I recommend checking out my list of 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read.

Okay, onto the books! And you betcha I’m using my Amazon affiliate links—so if you decide to purchase one of the books, please click the image or linked title included in this post. Affiliate commissions help to fund my free blog content and make a real person smile behind the screen. Woohoo!

I have followed Ashley’s journey on Instagram for years—she has walked through challenges that would leave most of us stripped of our joy and without an ounce of hope. Ashley, however, has never let that stop her from shining bright.

Ever since she announced the launch of her book, Born to Shine, that is coming this autumn—I’ve had it on my reading list. After going through my own brain surgery journey two years ago, the road back to being ‘me’ has been a struggle. I relate to Ashley on so many levels and respect her immensely for continuing to inspire others even in her darkest moments.

Whatever you are walking through personally or professionally, I want to encourage you to remember that you can still shine in your seasons of struggle. If you’re looking for practical tools to help you get there—look no further than Born to Shine.

I have a feeling that this book is going to be an incredible read for so many of you! In I’m Telling the Truth, But I’m Lying, Bassey Ikpi exposes the truth behind preconceptions that we’re fed in life—from her perspective in battling mental health diagnosis of Bipolar II and Anxiety.

In a post on her Instagram prior to her book launch she shared vulnerably: “Three years ago, this exact time, I was contemplating my good byes and preparing my loved ones for it. Three years later, I’m about to be a published author, sharing stories about my beautifully bruised brain and how we got here.”

Just a few weeks ago, Bassey hit the New York Times bestseller list and with good reason. She is an extraordinary human being and her book is changing lives.

As someone who has shared openly about my own physical and mental health struggles with my benign brain tumor diagnosis—I deeply respect anyone how turns their hardships into a message that impacts the lives of others.

If you are looking for a book that digs deep into your soul and tackles conversations around mental health—look no further.

Chasing the Bright Side by Jess Ekstrom

Looking for a book that will empower you to change your mindset and navigate your life with purpose and optimism? My sweet friend, Jess Ekstrom is releasing her debut book, Chasing the Bright Side on November 1st!

In Chasing the Bright Side, Jess dives into how optimism is a foundation for success. In the book she writes: “Success is not born out of skill, school, where we’re from, who we know, or what we scored on the SAT. None of us were born ready. None of us started life knowing how to fly a plane or launch a company or knit a sweater for our dog. But we are born with something more important than skills. We’re born with optimism—the initial seed for success.”

I have the privilege of being a part of an author’s mastermind with this extraordinary lady and let me tell you—she is the real deal. After building a hugely successful organization that donates headbands to children battling cancer for each item sold, Jess took her optimistic outlook on life and turned it into a book.

She is the type of person I encourage all of you to rally behind and support as she prepares to publish her first book! She is incredible!

Kay Fabella's Book: Rewrite Your Story

Over lunch a few months ago, Kay and I talked about how storytelling is a gateway to connecting with others on a deeper level. She has served as a Rising Tide leader in Spain for years and is a brilliant entrepreneur. Since I’ve already read the advanced manuscript for the book—I want to share a little review:

In her book, Kay shares a raw, intimate manifesto of her journey to self love and acceptance in Rewrite Your Story as she leads you through her battle with clinical depression. We’re taught sentiments of unrealistic expectations we’re expected to accomplish in order to be deemed “successful” from a young age. Her encouragement to get out of your comfort zone, set goals for dreams you never imagined possible, and defining what success means to you is a breath of fresh air.

It’s a must have on the top of every entrepreneur’s reading list for autumn.

As entrepreneurs, we’re often caught up in the constant struggle of overcommitting in our businesses and not being able to focus on enjoying life. I’m a little obsessed with the concept of JOMO, The Joy of Missing Out. With Tonya Dalton’s new book releasing on October 1st, you better believe it is on my fall reading list!

As fall turns into holidays, where my family takes priority over everything, I know this book will be one of the best that I read this year. If you’re also tired of the world telling us to hustle and to constantly do more—this might be the book for you.

Jonathan Van Ness Over the Top Book Review - Queer Eye

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you know that I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Van Ness. I binge his podcast recordings and watch every episode of Queer Eye multiple times.

In his new book, Over the Top, Jonathan will be sharing more about his life pre- and post-fame, including what he’s had to overcome in order the process of becoming the person that we know today. It’s at the top of my reading list for good reason—Jonathan is true to himself and embraces others with open arms. He doesn’t dim his light for anyone and as a result, he inspires all of us to do the same.

In the entrepreneurial world, there are so many people who are afraid to share what makes them unique, who are afraid of the potential rejection that comes from living their truth. We must challenge our culture of ‘fitting in’ and the societal constructs that try to put all of us in a box. We are all unique, we all have something incredible to offer, and we are all deserving of a seat at the table. If you’ve been holding back on being your version of ‘over the top’ because of what others might think—I want to encourage you to add this book to your reading list.

I am obsessed with this book. It was a gift from my friend and Showit CEO, Todd Watson, and The Art of Gathering is an answer to the struggle we all face with gatherings that have lost their significance. As someone who believes wholeheartedly in the power of community, I also believe that in person gatherings have the ability to transform our lives.

Priya Parker’s unique upbringing and career as a facilitator of high-powered gatherings around the world give her a powerful perspective on this topic. I found myself emulating the praise hand emoji from chapter to chapter and this book is a must read for anyone cultivating community or looking to make deeper connections with others in their lives.

Last week, I put out a survey asking entrepreneurs what they felt held them back in their business. The results included so many answers, but the one that stuck out to me the most was finding time and focus.

In Indistractable, Nir Eyal and Julie Li reveal the psychology behind distraction and share a four-step model to becoming more productive. Fellow nerds will love this book and anyone looking to get rid of the distractions that are holding you back needs to get a copy too.

Jefferson Bethke's Book - To Hell with the Hustle

Are you searching for fulfillment from accomplishments, commitments, and just doing more? In To Hell with the Hustle, Jefferson Bethke speaks so much truth into why we have to stop focusing on what our culture is demanding from us. This inspirational and though-provoking piece will be a staple on my reading list this fall and I encourage you to do the same!

Also—thank you to everyone who told me that I need to add this book to my list after sharing a recent Instagram post that called out society for it’s lies regarding the hustle.

It’s my new life mission to become Jefferson’s best friend because we share a passion for eliminating the ‘hustle at all costs’ narrative that leaves us feeling overworked and on the brink of burn out.

Are you still struggling to make your passion a business? Maybe you’re realizing that turning it into a business makes it something you’re less passionate about. In Beginner’s Pluck, Liz Forkin Bohannon explains that finding your passion is an ever-changing activity that you have to constantly work on.

Liz is a creative entrepreneur herself—the founder of Sseko Designs, a company that started as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women in Uganda to continue on to university and scaled into a global brand. Liz is an incredible human and I have no doubt this book is going to be full of wisdom.

In Beginner’s Pluck, Liz Forkin Bohannon shares her own struggles and failures of finding her passion in Beginner’s Pluck, that I know you’ll relate to.

PS: This book just arrived on my doorstep over the weekend so I’m personally diving in over the next few days! Thank you Liz for sending over an advanced copy. You rock.

This book is a little outside the norm of what you’d typically find on an entrepreneur’s reading list, but hear me out! Deepak Chopra dives into what it means to look beyond your limitations and access infinite possibilities in your mind and life. By becoming Metahuman, you’re liberating your mind from the mental constructs that encourage anxiety, tension, and ego.

This book sounds like a perfect blend of psychology and self-help; I can’t wait to read it myself.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about your behavior and how to change it within your mind, Metahuman might be the book to dive into next.

In an age where influencers run social media, we as entrepreneurs have to learn how to stand out. Creating advocates that passionately support your brand is far more important than the vanity metrics of likes and follows.

In Superfans, Pat Flynn highlights how important your network and followers are, even if the numbers are low. Rather than focusing on the numbers (big or small), you should spend your time focusing on how you can turn them into superfans by creating content they enjoy.

Feeling burnout in your business? What about in your life? In Emily Ley’s newest book, When Less Becomes More, she exposes the truth that you’re not alone in this feeling. Emily shares how you can lead a fulfilling life through connection without falling behind in your priorities.

I’m a huge fan of Emily and own both of her previous books. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one and continue learning from her wisdom.

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

This book is going to be gold. If you’re ready to kick off a project, but the fear of failure or rejection, or whatever it is, is holding you back—this is a must read this year. Everything Is Figureoutable is the book you need, no matter what is holding you back from starting that big project. Start chasing your dreams with this book, today!

PS: I got access to an early copy and Marie Forleo’s storytelling in this book is downright fire. From the very first chapter, she had me captivated.

As you may know, I’m obsessed with Netflix’s Queer Eye; considering this is the second author to grace this list from the show. Tan France opens up for the first time to tell his story of being the first openly gay, South Asian man on TV in Naturally Tan.

This book just reiterates the importance of being completely vulnerable and embracing your truest self. I’m a huge fan of how Tan uses his talents to empower others to feel more confident and in love with their bodies. Entrepreneurs must ask themselves the question: how am I using my gifts and talents to serve others well?

Since I can’t have Tan come to my home and dress me… I’m going to settle for picking up a copy of his new book and encourage all of you to do the same.

How does a book end up on this list? It must be recently published (within the last year; preferably within the last few weeks or still in the prelaunch stage). It must be relevant to my community. This does not mean that it must be a business book, but it must offer some value to business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. This includes topics around: mental health, building a personal brand, navigating fear, overcoming hardship, and opening the mind to innovative ideas.

Did your favorite recent release fail to make the list? Let me know what you’ll be reading in the comments below. I can’t wait to add a few more books to my own list and share what I love with all of you.

Autumn Reading List 2019 for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Small Business Owners by Natalie Franke

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