50% of small businesses fail in the first five years due to lack of critical support, resources, and infrastructure. Let’s join forces and change that statistic forever.

Building your business is harder than it should be.

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I'm Natalie FRANKE.

There is a seismic shift in how people earn a living.

The Future of Work is Independent

It has never been easier to turn your talents and passions into profit.

Entrepreneurship is their aspiration.

5.4 million new business applications were filed in 2021 - more than 20% higher than any previous year on record.


Small business formation has been accelerating year over year.

Oh and younger generations?

43% of Gen Z did too!

46% of Millennials freelanced in the last year.

Freelance Forward Report
by UPWORK in 2022

The glaring gaps in infrastructure, resources, and support make it harder to thrive in pursuit of building your own business. As more and more people begin to pursue this path, these issues will only continue to become more painfully apparent.

54% of Gen Z indicate that they intend to start their own business in the next ten years.

The system was not built for independents.


Historic numbers of people are going independent and starting businesses, 


only to discover that they trade working 9 to 5 for hustling 24/7.

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Knowledge is power. Secrecy keeps us stuck. My blog is a place for sharing what I know, revealing what I’m learning, and answering your top questions about running an independent business. One way I do that is on my blog.

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