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Whether you’re struggling to get started, afraid of making a big decision, or clinging to a path no longer meant for you—this book is the kick in the pants you need to take the next step and go after what you want. Gutsy is your guidebook to uncovering the audacious courage within you and making an impact on this world that only you can make. 

Gutsy will empower you to push past the fear of what other people think, a fear that so often keeps us stuck and stagnant, to move forward with bold, brave, and boundless courage. We can work towards self acceptance, crank up the volume of our inner voice, and allow our core values to lead us forward. We can embrace the inevitability of one day making a fool of ourselves and even the potential of letting other people down. We can rewrite the rulebook that we live by and chart a course for our life that is as unique as we are. We can shed the weight of the world’s expectations and love the person we see staring back at us in the mirror.

Gutsy is your roadmap to a life brimming with curiosity, confidence, and fulfillment—a life where you embrace that how you feel about yourself matters more than how others feel about you.


This book is for you if:

You’ve been putting things off, procrastinating, or feeling stuck

You’re done letting the opinions of others hold you back

You’re tired of chasing after approval and hustling for validation

You know that you are capable of greatness with a little push

You’re ready to take action and become the boss of your own life


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Natalie Franke is a writer, entrepreneur, community builder, and mama bear for small business. She is also the Chief Evangelist at HoneyBook where she champions a community of over 100,000 independent business owners.

From navigating a benign brain tumor diagnosis, to undergoing neurosurgery, to battling infertility for years—Natalie has faced her fears time and time again. Her lived experiences have shaped her understanding of courage and inspired her to write this book from a place of true vulnerability.

Natalie currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and two small children. When she isn’t writing, she can be found doodling, drinking more caffeine than is appropriate, and rocking out to the Paw Patrol soundtrack with her kids.


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