There is no use sugar-coating it—running a business is hard.  You and I though? We were built to do hard things.

I am a fierce advocate for independent businesses.

Mama Bear for Small Business

I'm Natalie Franke



Community Builder,

Multi-Passionate Creative,


You see, I was raised in a family full of science nerds. Mom: nurse practitioner. Dad: nuclear engineer. Sister: doctor. Grandfather: rocket scientist (yes, literally). Science always seemed a natural fit, but like you’ve experienced, sometimes our paths lead us on adventures we never anticipated.

With a camera in hand, my entrepreneurial journey began, and while studying the psychology of seeing in undergrad, everything clicked. Art could meet science in a way that fit my nerdy brain and fueled my creative heart. Books and brains met creativity and community. It was different. I was different.

I am not the cool kid. Never have been. I used to wish I was… until I realized that loving who you are is perhaps the coolest thing of all.


Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Running a small business can feel isolating. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where I come in.

I faced hardship head on and thrived in my season of struggle. How? By leaning on the strength of my community. Here is the truth that we so often forget…

In the last decade, I founded multiple companies, wrote two books, cultivated a global community, and empowered tens of thousands of independent business owners to rise together doing what they love.

And in that same season, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, underwent neurosurgery, fought against infertility, and gave birth to two miracle babies.

 Champion your success. Fight the good fight.
Raise the tide. Lead with love. 
Stay gutsy and keep the naysayers on their toes.

my mission

You don’t have to do this alone.

 Champion your success.
Fight the good fight.
Raise the tide. Lead with love. 
Stay gutsy and keep the naysayers on their toes.

This year holds new adventures for me and big surprises for you. In many ways it feels like a new beginning.


The Next Chapter

I published my first book, Built to Belong, in August and welcomed my second miracle baby one month later. A season of triumph after years of fighting forward.


The Triumph 

Rather than get a traditional W-2 job, I took my wedding photography business full time after graduation and grew it into a six-figure business.



I moved to Philadelphia to pursue a degree in Visual Studies with a concentration in the Science of Seeing at the University of Pennsylvania. 


The Student

Discovering photography changed the trajectory of my entire life. The camera became my gateway to creativity and connection. It also launched me into my first business. 


The Photographer

The year this entire adventure began. From a tenacious toddler to a gutsy little girl with a lemonade stand—I’m not sure whether I found entrepreneurship or it found me.



Running a business is lonely… so, I co-founded a community called the Rising Tide Society. It became my newfound family. Then, HoneyBook acquired RTS to fuel the movement as it spread across the globe.


The Realization

Life got hard. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, underwent neurosurgery, endured recovery, and began infertility treatment after years of waiting for a miracle.



 How I Became Me

Because I’m More Than a Resume (and so are you!)


I’m a tattooed, bungee jumping, glasses-wearing, child of the 90’s who loves reading fantasy romance novels.


My top played songs on Spotify are either:
a) from the Paw Patrol movie soundtrack or
b) white noise to help me tame my ADHD and concentrate.


I married my first kiss. We’re high school sweethearts. 17 years together. He is the best human being that I have ever met.

Things that might surprise you

Behind every good graphic and landing page, you can expect to find Erin. She joined to help Natalie rebrand and never left. 

Design Virtuoso


From communications to operations, Ruth is the one who makes the magic happen behind the scenes.

Chief Everything Officer


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