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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Photographers and Entrepreneurs






It’s time for Amazon Prime Day 2019 and if you rely on your Amazon Prime membership for just about everything (including Whole Foods deliveries in 2 hours! heck yes!) — you won’t want to miss the sales today!

I have an entire library of My Amazon Must-Haves to keep on hand for when people ask questions like: What is in your camera bag? OR What are some of your favorite business books? OR What baby items did you register for that you love as a new mama? It makes life super easy to have everything pre-curated in one place. (You can see what I’m talking about, here!)

And remember: all the links below are affiliate links. So, if you’re going to be shopping on Amazon during Prime Day, please click + shop through the links below so that I can earn a small commission on anything you decide to purchase.

For the Entrepreneur:

Here are a few of the items that are on sale for Prime Day that are relevant to creative entrepreneurs. This list includes tech gadgets, desk must-haves, and many items that I use every single day. Enjoy!

Apple iPad 128GB on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Shop All Apple iPads

I use my iPad for doodling every single week and I’m most excited about the fact that NEARLY ALL the iPads are on Sale. If you have been wanting to get into digital lettering and modern calligraphy—these devices never go on sale, so today is the day to invest.

Apple Watch on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Shop All Apple Watches

The Apple Watch is another one of those items that rarely goes on sale and I have a ton of friends that swear by them for business (especially on wedding days to manage schedules + communication). Prime Day is having a huge Sale on Apple Watches.

Shop Wall Charger

I personally put this one in my cart because I’m constantly trying to charge a million things at one time (my phone, iPad, etc.) — Super inexpensive and an easy way to spare your outlets from overcrowding.

Shop All AmazonBasics USB Cables

There is nothing worse than getting on the phone with a client or jumping on Instagram Live only to realize that your phone is about to die. I have a phone charger setup in most of my working rooms and one in my glove compartment for charging on the go.

Shop Phone Tripod

Content creation is one of the most important parts of the job and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a phone tripod to improve video content creation like on Instagram or Facebook Live. Love how inexpensive this deal is and I will likely be buying this one myself.

53% OFF – Beats Headphones

Um, 53% OFF Beats Headphones! Normally $299; on sale today for $139. I wish I didn’t already own a pair or I would have repurchased them myself. I have these headphones in Rose Gold and use them all the time. They are incredible.

Shop AmazonBasics Laptop Riserx

I always keep my laptop on a riser when I’m working during the day (some of you have seen it on Instagram Stories). Without it, I strain my neck looking down at my computer for hours and hours. Posture is important when you’re working at a desk all day and I’ve found the riser that I use to be super helpful day to day.

Shop AmazonBasics Clipboards

Shop PC Components on Sale

I’m an Apple user myself, but I know that there are a ton of entrepreneurs who love their PCs and Amazon has an amazing deal on many of the component parts like: external hard drives, routers, monitors, & more.

Shop All Samsonite Luggage

If you follow along on Instagram (#nataliefranketravels) then you know just how much I travel for work. Whether it’s an upcoming conference this fall, meeting clients on location, or photographing a destination wedding—there are quite a few reasons why you may need new luggage. Samsonite is having an awesome sale over on Amazon.

Shop All Costa Farms Plants on Sale

Oops, my millennial nature is showing a little with this one… Plants are an amazing way to improve your home office space and bring a little fresh air indoors. I have my fair share of succulents and I’ve been waiting for something bigger to go on sale for a while… So I’m getting creative and including this one in the round-up too!

For the Photographer:

If you’ve ever been curious about what professional photography gear I couldn’t live without, look no further than my Virtual Camera Bag. I keep a list of my favorite lenses, cameras, lighting equipment and so much more on Amazon.

Canon 6D Mark II ($500 OFF)

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV ($500 OFF)

I’m a Nikon girl, but $500 OFF the 6D Mark II and $500 OFF the 5D Mark IV is an incredible deal. If you shoot Canon, this is an incredible discount on a fantastic camera body.

Shop LaCie Hard Drives

LaCie Rugged hard drives are some of my favorite for uploading memory cards on the road (like before leaving a wedding reception). They also have their 2TB and 4TB drives on sale if you’re looking for a little more storage.

Here are a few of the LaCie drives on sale:

Shop Segate Hard Drives

At nearly 40% off one of the most solid drives in the market, this deal is a great one for photographers who need to add a large amount of storage to their main editing location.

Here are a few of the Seagate Drives on Sale:

Shop SanDisk Memory Products

You can never have enough memory cards. Trust me. Nearly 40% off a 64GB card is a downright steal. Jump on it!

Shop Nikon D3400

There are also a bunch of different sales on Polaroid Cameras which I love. I’ve seen photographers get creative with how they use these for business (snapping a shot of the bride and groom and handing it to them after portraits are over for example). If you’ve been waiting for them to go on sale, today is the day!

  • Polaroid Originals OneStep+ White w/ 600 Two Pack Film Set (1 Color + 1 B&W) [HERE]
  • Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF Summer Blue w/ 600 Two Pack Film Set (1 Color + 1 B&W) [HERE]
  • Polaroid SNAP Touch 2.0 – 13MP Portable Instant Print Digital Photo Camera [HERE]
  • Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print Digital Camera [HERE]

Amazon Prime Day for Entrepreneurs and Photographers

See something on sale that you think I’ve missed? Shoot me a quick DM on Instagram and I’ll add it ASAP!

I hope this post was helpful for you as you try to save a little money on all the things you may need for your business!

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