How to Start an Instagram Pod

April 3, 2017

  1. Katie says:

    Love this post. I’ve been a part of a pod for a couple months and wanted your opinion. Do you think there’s an ideal number that should be in a pod and would you suggest being in multiple pods?

  2. I’m in a few pods now and honestly it has created so much community and friendship I feel it often outweighs the engagement portion! Great article Natalie. Thanks!


  3. Love this so much! Thanks for sharing some insight! I try my best to spread the love, but these pods spark accountability!

  4. Great tips! I’ll definitely be putting this to action! Thanks!

  5. Manon Lef says:

    I’m in a pod now and loving it. After a while it really starts feeling like you know each other well! Thanks for the post Natalie!

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