5 Tips for a Successful Launch

February 22, 2017

  1. Alex Willaims says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I’m currently working on launching my social media marketing + design firm and I needed this so badly!

    Congrats girl. Keep up the amazing work.

    P.S my husband and I have been friends with Kait Masters & Travis for a long time! So awesome you guys have her on board. XO

  2. Great advice. Thanks for sharing

  3. Monashee says:

    Great post Natalie. This is all very relevant for me and I always love hearing your take on these topics.

  4. Elana says:

    Natalie, I would LOVE to check out the resources you have linked here but the links are broken! Let me know how I can access the downloads 🙂 Thank you for this awesome outline & guide!

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