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5 Tips for a Successful Launch


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As an entrepreneur + founder, I’ve launched businesses, communities, summits, and products to tens of thousands – and in the process, I’ve made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to. Launching can be a tough road, but if done well, one that is so worth it!

Are you preparing to launch something big? A successful launch requires a dynamic approach that integrates mobilization marketing, strategic execution, and a whole lot of heart. I’m so excited to walk you through the steps I take and give you a peek into my top 5 tips for a successful launch. You’ll also find even more details and a free workbook here for your next big launch!

Create Anticipation

When I was a child, there was no season more exciting than the holidays. I vividly remember the feeling of being little on Christmas Eve—nervously struggling to fall asleep as my imagination wandered to visions of flying reindeer and presents beneath the tree.

As an adult, I like to think about the holiday season as the ultimate launch. Weeks of heightened anticipation, sensory cues that trigger nostalgia (smell of pine and cinnamon anyone?), countdowns as far as the eye can see, and collaborative messaging from a variety of trusted sources.

The season leading into the holidays prepares you for what to expect and when the day arrives you are ready to celebrate with the ones you love most.

When I think about launching something new—whether it’s a business, product, or event—I like to build anticipation strategically in order to lead my audience towards a “launch destination” where we can celebrate together. Engaging the senses in anticipation is key: think sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing! In this digital world, think of ways you can take your online brand offline to provide sensory cues throughout the process!

I’ve got tangible ways to make this possible in the Successful Launch freebie download!

Build Your Launch Team

My friend and HoneyBook Co-Founder, Shadiah Sigala, once told me—“always hire people who are smarter than you.”

If you aren’t an email marketer, don’t try to build out your own email funnels three days before launch. If social media makes you dizzy and the sheer thought of building out a content calendar creates anxiety—find a social media manager to help you craft compelling campaigns.

“You don’t have to be everything. Hire for your weaknesses.
There is strength in identifying where you can let others thrive in their gifting by bringing experts on to your team.”
—Lauren Carnes

Set Deadlines

As a futuristic thinker and a big dreamer, deadlines haven’t always been easy for me. Perhaps that is why I hire people to my team who are super action oriented and results driven?

After years of planning big projects and launching different initiatives, I think this tip may be the most important one in the bunch. Deadlines and executing to meet them are the key to a launch that happens on time. When you have a finite amount of time to get something done, you are more likely to accomplish it.

Deadlines are the drivers of productivity.

The truth of the matter, is that if you have less time to get something done—you’re going to intentionally knock action items out without wasting time and continuing to put tasks off until a later date. Partner with your team to use tools (link to resources page!) that help everyone stay on the same page!

Mobilize Your Audience

Do you want to know the secret to virality? It’s pretty simple. Your launch will only go viral if it sparks a desire in your audience to speak up, while also providing them with the tools they need to communicate effectively.

This starts by identifying and nurturing your key brand ambassadors. These may be your members of your mastermind group, friends, fellow creatives, or colleagues who you’ve connected with over coffee over the years. It’s important to be strategic in the series of emails you send to equip them well, but not overwhelm them! 

PRO TIP — Equip your community with the tools they need to be true brand evangelists. Send them graphics (preferably something they would want to share on their own platforms; quotes work great), provide impactful messaging, and think about how to solve their pain points in the process.

Celebrate + Drive Momentum

By the time launch day rolls around, you will be beaming with excitement. (Trust me, there is no way you will be rocking day-three dry shampoo with yoga pants on and an overflowing inbox… nope, impossible!)

Keeping it real: Launching a business, project, or event is hard work—however, by the time launch rolls around it is important for you to set aside the stress to truly enjoy the moment. You have earned a day of true celebration and your community will want to take part in the festivities with you.

Create avenues for your audience to take part in your launch. Share on social media. Provide free value. Send thank you notes and sweet gifts. Speak directly to your customers through live streaming and Instagram stories. You’ve got this.

Want to learn more about preparing for a successful launch? Grab my free 5 Tips for a Successful Launch workbook to get more valuable content & brainstorm action items for your big dreams!

What have you found to be most successful for your launch? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. Alex Willaims says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I’m currently working on launching my social media marketing + design firm and I needed this so badly!

    Congrats girl. Keep up the amazing work.

    P.S my husband and I have been friends with Kait Masters & Travis for a long time! So awesome you guys have her on board. XO

  2. Great advice. Thanks for sharing

  3. Monashee says:

    Great post Natalie. This is all very relevant for me and I always love hearing your take on these topics.

  4. Elana says:

    Natalie, I would LOVE to check out the resources you have linked here but the links are broken! Let me know how I can access the downloads 🙂 Thank you for this awesome outline & guide!

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